The Silver Star Families of America has one mission: To remember, honor and assist the wounded and ill of our armed forces from all wars.

And while we struggle to meet the needs of our wounded and ill we cannot forget those that need us the most; our dying veterans. SSFOA supports Veterans in Hospice/Palliative care by sending Prayer Blankets through their Chaplaincy Hospice Program. It is important that our wounded, ill and dying know that they are remembered.

More than 1,800 veterans die every day. (More than 600,000 a year) This represents one quarter of all deaths in the United States.

85 per cent of veterans do not receive V.A. care and most still die in their own communities with only about 4 per cent dying in V.A. facilities.

Our dying brothers and sisters deserve to die with dignity, respect and honor. And they deserve to die pain free with Spiritual and emotional support.

Hospice Care is part of the basic eligibility package for veterans enrolled in the Veterans Health Administration. If hospice care is appropriate for enrolled veterans and has been approved by a VA physician, VA medical centers will either provide hospice care directly in their facilities or purchase it from community hospices.

The need for education extends beyond the public to community hospice and VA providers as well. Many community hospices are unaware of the dedicated inpatient care units that exist in VA facilities. Likewise,

VA facilities are often unfamiliar with the services community hospices can offer and how to work with them. There are also complex issues surrounding payment reimbursement and administration. (Hospice Veteran Partnership Tool Kit)Hospice-Veteran Partnership Toolkit

End of life issues are always hard for us to deal with but it is an essential part of the mission of the Silver Star Families of America.

Death is part of life and we will leave no veteran behind until they finally leave us for their final duty station.


If you wish to request a Prayer Blanket for a hospice veteran, please send all pertinent information, including: Veterans name, rank and branch of service, hospital patient is in or name of hospice agency, address to send to and any information you may want on the Memorial page. All Prayer Blanket recipients will be listed on our Memorial page at the proper time and we will include pictures at your request.

(Hospice care, for our qualifications, means less that 6 months to live)

We cannot send Prayer blankets to veterans that have passed on to their final duty station.

Please be advised that funds are limited. If we run out of funds we will notify you that we cannot provide the Prayer Blanket.

Send all requests to: Steve Newton

You can help by making a donation
for VA Canteen Coupon Books and/or Prayer Blankets
for Hospice patients

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